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Joe Rogan's Vitiligo AND Carnivore Diet

  • The comedian Joe Rogan suffers from an auto-immune disorder called vitiligo that affects his hands and feet. 
  • Because vitiligo causes pigment loss in the skin, his hands appear to be different colors. It is not dangerous to Rogan and is not contagious to others. There are many famous people with vitiligo.
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  • Joe Rogan suffers from Vitiligo in his hands and feet.

What Is Joe Rogan's Disease?

  • Rogan has experimented with several vitiligo treatments, including healthy meals, exercise, vitamins, and the carnivore diet. The latter is one of the most beneficial therapies he has tried.
  • Vitiligo is a non-painful but irreversible skin condition caused by a person's heredity. Rogan most likely inherited the disease from his family tree.
  • While Rogan's vitiligo is definitely visible on his hands, it is often considerably more visible in people of African descent, such as Michael Jackson. Comedian Joe Rogan's vitiligo affects his hands and wrists.
  • Rogan's autoimmune illness problem occurs when the body attacks and kills melanocytes, the cells that generate melanin, or, more accurately, the skin's color component.
  • Rogan does not appear to be the type of guy who would conceal his vitiligo with make-up. Instead, Rogan investigated alternative remedies, including the carnivore diet.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, therapeutic options are limited, and treatment does not entirely eliminate the condition. If someone wants to make it less obvious, the greatest choice may be to use cosmetic make-up or cream.

Is the Carnivore Diet Clearing Up Joe Rogan's vitiligo?

  • Rogan has vitiligo. He learned about the carnivore diet vitiligo via a podcast guest, Jordan Peterson, who had tried it and reported favorable results. Mikhaila Peterson, who suffers from the auto-immune disease rheumatoid arthritis, also benefited from the diet.
  • Rogan said on the JRE show that the carnivorous diet did, in fact, help clear up his vitiligo.
  • Joe Rogan reports that the carnivorous diet has been beneficial to his hands.
  • Rogan claimed that the carnivorous diet helped him lose weight, especially belly fat and love handles. Overall, he was impressed for the first 30 days but was unsure if he would continue the diet.
  • He said it eventually improved his Vitiligo condition, with a "bunch of spots filled in" in just one month. "It was quite beneficial," he stated.
  • Will I have improvements in my vitiligo with this diet?

Is Rogan's Vitiligo Contagious?

  • Despite how terrible they may appear, guests are not at risk of "getting" vitiligo from Joe Rogan's hands.
  • However, because vitiligo can be hereditary, the only people who could be affected would be Rogan's children, as handed down through his DNA.
  • We are grateful for Joe Rogan and happy that the vitiligo on his hands is not hazardous to him or others.


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