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  • Joe Rogan just completed a month-long trial with a carnivorous diet, and the results were intriguing. 
  • While Rogan is not a scientist and his views are anecdotal, his fans were able to experience the possible benefits of a carnivorous diet. 
  • One revelation that may have stunned fans was Joe Rogan's diagnosis of vitiligo, which is typically thought to be an autoimmune illness. 
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  • So, how did Rogan's vitiligo respond to the carnivorous diet?
  • Joe Rogan announced to fans that he has vitiligo during his carnivorous diet trial. 

Definition Of Vitiligo

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, "vitiligo is a condition that produces patches of skin color loss." 
  • The extent and rate of vitiligo-induced color loss are unpredictable. It can affect any portion of your body's skin. 
  • It can also harm your hair and the inside of your lips."
  • Melanin, which is produced by your body's skin and hair cells, determines the color of your hair and skin. When those cells die, vitiligo develops, resulting in a loss of color in the affected areas as the cells stop producing melatonin.

  • Vitiligo can be caused by a genetic predisposition, a triggering environmental event, or even an autoimmune condition. In the third situation, the body's immune system will attack and destroy melanocytes, which are commonly located in the skin and create melanin. Joe Rogan suffers from this kind of vitiligo.
  • Joe Rogan opted to go on a carnivorous diet for the entire month of January. "I'm filling all my nutritional bases," he explained, "but not with food, [and] not with plants." I exclusively eat grass-fed beef."
  • Rogan used Instagram to keep fans up to date on how the carnivore diet vitiligo treatment was working for him. In one of these posts, he discussed both the positive and negative impacts of the diet.
  • For the better, "Again, I don't know if this is genuine or imagined, but I actually appear to feel happier and more balanced," Rogan wrote. This is the first time in my life that I've tried to go without carbs for more than a day or two.

Disadvantages of Joe Rogan's diet plan

  • However, there are several drawbacks to Joe Rogan's carnivorous diet. The popular podcaster went into detail about the diet's initial effects on his gastrointestinal habits.
  • "Carnivore diet update; the good and the ugly," Joe Rogan said on Instagram. 
  • Let us begin with the negative. There is only one 'bad' thing, and that is diarrhea. I'm not sure diarrhea is an accurate term, just as I'm not convinced a shark is literally a fish. 
  • It's a strange phenomenon, and with typical diarrhea, I'd equate it to a fire that you see coming a block or two away and have time to flee, however with this carnivore diet, the fire comes from nowhere, and your doorknob is red hot, and all hope is lost."


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