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Early Male Pattern Baldness

  • Men's hair loss is caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent of which is heredity. In fact, more than two-thirds of all men will have male pattern hair loss symptoms at some point in their lives. 
male pattern baldness, baldness

  • It is crucial to recognize this: When you recognize the symptoms of male pattern hair loss, you can seek therapy; the sooner you do so, the more likely the treatment will be effective.
  • In this post, we will focus on early male pattern baldness.


What is the cause of male pattern baldness?

  • Genetics, according to scientists, is what causes male pattern hair loss. Some men will detect symptoms as early as age 20, but the majority of cases of male pattern hair loss appear between the ages of 25 and 35; around this age, two out of every five men will see some balding. 
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  • Recognizing the specific pattern of this hair loss disease is the first step toward treatment.


Male pattern hair loss misconceptions

  • Before we go into the symptoms of male pattern hair loss, there are a few myths to clear up. Increased hair shedding may occur with the onset of androgenetic alopecia or male patterned hair loss (MPHL).
  • Normally, you will shed about 100 hairs each day, but if you see much more shedding than this, it could be an indication of a different type of hair loss or the start of MPHL. So, if your hair is falling out in "clumps," you should seek medical attention.
pattern baldness in male, type 3 male pattern baldness

  • Losing hair in clumps is certainly cause for concern, and we recommend seeking a diagnosis as soon as possible—but it is not consistent with the symptoms of male pattern hair loss. In other words, this is a symptom of another illness that causes hair loss.


Recognition of male pattern hair loss

  • This condition, true to its name, follows a pattern. It usually starts with a progressive retreat of the hair away from the brow, resulting in an M-shaped hair line.
  • Most men will thereafter have hair loss on the head, resulting in a bald area. This bald spot will ultimately expand, leaving only hair on the sides and back of the head.
  • There are certain cases of male pattern hair loss that deviate from this pattern, but these are the signs and symptoms to watch for in general.


Male pattern hair loss response

  • Be mindful of these indicators, symptoms, and the basic pattern. If you see thinning around your hairline, you may have male pattern hair loss. In contrast, if you are losing hair on the back or side of your head, or if you have a lot of itching and burning, this could indicate a whole other diagnosis. We urge a trichological assessment to be certain.
  • The importance of early therapy cannot be overstated.
  • Because MPHL is a miniaturization process, several medical treatments may be useful when the hair follicles are only partially miniaturized.
  • Medical treatments, however, are limited after the hair follicles are severely shrunken.
  • To help you manage serious hair loss, we can also recommend hair restoration methods such as hair systems or hair transplants.



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