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Yellow Concretions on Axillary Hair : causes and treatment

  • Trichomycosis is a common bacterial infection of the skin and hair.
  • It frequently goes unnoticed because there are no obvious symptoms.

Yellow Concretions on Axillary Hair

Is trichomycosis a fungal infection?

  • No. Trichomycosis is an asymptomatic infection caused by a bacteria : the Corynebacterium of the axillary or pubic hair. 
  • Adherent yellow (sometimes red or black) firm concretions coat the hair shaft. 
  • Hyperhidrosis is frequently present. 

How do you get rid of trichomycosis?

  • Hair is shaved, and antiperspirants are used to treat hyperhidrosis. 
  • Naftifine hydrochloride 1 percent cream (Naftin cream) is an antibacterial cream that is effective for superficial fungal infections. 
  • Many authors said that Naftin is effective against trichomycosis.


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