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All About Prurigo of Pregnancy

Definition of prurigo of pregnany

  • Prurigo of pregnancy affects 1 in 300 to 1 in 450 pregnancies, causing a rash of clustered, excoriated, or crusted pruritic papules on the extensor surfaces of the extremities, as well as the trunk and other areas.

Prurigo of pregnancy and maternal risk

  • There is no evidence that Prurigo of Pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of pregnancy.

Causes of itching during pregnancy 

  • Pregnancy prurigo should be distinguished from other causes of Itchiness during pregnancy, for example: 

    • pregnancy-specific dermatoses
    • medication eruptions
    • arthropod bites
    • infestations such as scabies

Treatment of prurigo during pregnancy

  • Prurigo of Pregnancy is treated with : 

    • oral antihistamines 
    • topical steroids
    • intralesional steroids 
    • steroids under occlusion
    • Oral steroids (rarely required)

Prurigo of pregnancy:  boy or girl

  • It's a common pregnancy misconception that women with itching palms or breasts will give birth to a boy. However, there is insufficient medical data to prove this viewpoint.

News about prurigo of pregnancy

  • Recently the international journal of Obstetric Medicine reported that the term "prurigo of pregnancy" is an appropriate term for cases not associated with atopy.


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