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Overactive Thyroid Hair Loss Treatment

Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid) occurs when thyroid gland produces too much of an hormone: thyroxine.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of medical disorders, so it's critical to figure out what's causing it so doctors can prescribe the right medication.

How do you know if hair loss is from thyroid?

Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid) causes hair loss all over the scalp. You may also notice hair thinning on your brows. Thyroid hair loss can be gradual and result in bald areas. Hair may grow for a brief amount of time and then fall out prematurely; Your hair may appear thinner throughout.
If you have one autoimmune illness, you're more likely to get others associated, some of which cause hair loss like Celiac disease and Alopecia areata .

Will hair loss from hyperthyroidism grow back ?

Yes, with a successful treatment, regrowth is common, but it may be incomplete.
How long does it take to grow back from hyperthyroidism ( Overactive hormone ) ?
it will take several months.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism

Thyroid disease symptoms might be subtle. Be careful of the following signs in addition to hair loss or thinning hair:
Anxiety, impatience, and heightened nervousness
Inability to tolerate hot temperatures
Insomnia, lethargy, and excessive sleeping
Weight fluctuations : weight increase
Menstrual irregularities
Muscle discomfort or weakness
Dry skin


If you've previously been diagnosed with thyroid disease, your doctor would most likely suspect that this is the cause. your provider may use blood tests to diagnose problem.

How to stop hair fall due to thyroid gland ?


Treatment of the hyperthyroidism is the first line to deal with hair thinning.

Home remedies

You can try a variety of home remedies to decrease loss or regenerate growth in addition to medical treatment.

Iron Level

Boost iron level


Iodine is used by your body to produce thyroid hormones, therefore too much or too little can damage your thyroid.

Treat nutritional deficiencies

Eat healthy and anti inlammatory food: red cloves, palmetto and black are examples. These herbs are well-known for improving hair health. You can also use herbs like cinnamon and cilantro, which are known to help with metabolism, which is vital for people with low thyroid function.

Essential oils

Essential oils usually helps thyroid problems.


Thyroid disorder impacts a variety of physiological functions, including hair growth, so consult your doctor if you feel a thyroid problem. Treatment will improve both your mood and appearance.

Nb: Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid = low level of thyroid hormone) may cause hair fall also ! To see more about hypothyroidisme and underactive thyroid


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