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  • Anogenital warts are benign growths on the skin or mucosa of the anogenital area.

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What is the color of Genital Warts?

  • Usually, Genital Warts have no abnormal discoloration, but they could be gray or brown-colored.

How to diagnose genital warts?

  • Diagnosis of genital warts is made by visual identification of lesions found in or around the genital area or anus.

What is the treatment of genital warts?

  • Treatment of genital warts depends on the size and number of warts. It depend also on anatomic site, adverse effects, cost, and patient and doctor preference:

    • podofilox
    • sinecatechins
    • imiquimod
    • cryotherapy
    • trichloroacetic acid
    • chloroacetic acid
    • surgical therapy

  • Recurrences can happen after any type of therapy, and all therapies might cause local skin responses.

What happens if you leave genital warts untreated?

  • Warts that are left untreated may resolve spontaneously, remain stable, or grow in size or number; spontaneous resolution happens in up to one-third of patients within one year.


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